Winning Top Naija Music Awards Opened Doors for Me – Olamzy

The Top Naija Music Awards team had an online chat with some of the past award winners particularly of the 9th edition of the award. The interview was carried out to hear them speak about music after winning our prestigious award. We start off with Olamzy, who won the Best Lyrical Exploration / Lyricist in the 9th edition of Top Naija Music Awards. Visit and find out more.

 TNMA: May we know your name?

OLAMZY: My name is Ogunyemi Temitayo Olamide

TNMA: What Genre of music do you focus on?

OLAMZY: I sing Afro trap, Afrobeats, hiphop rap, hiphop trap, dancehall, street pop etc kind of music. I feel comfortable singing in those genres.

TNMA:  When did you start professional music?

OLAMZY: I started professional music in the year 2016/2017.

TNMA: How many Songs/EP/Album have you recorded so far?

OLAMZY: As at now I can’t count I just keep recording songs till I get better. But I recently dropped my debut EP titled INCEPTION.

TNMA: What Is Your View of the Top Naija Music Awards Brand?

OLAMZY: It is a great platform for every upcoming act because it gives you this kind of self fulfillment and recognition among your peers

TNMA: How has Top Naija Music Awards impacted your music career?

OLAMZY: The award recognition alone is enough and extra promotion packages. I am proud to be their ambassador also.

TNMA: What do you want the awards to improve upon?

OLAMZY: I want them to grow in all we do growth is important. Just like the headies, afrima awards Top Naija awards can also reach that peak also. I will be glad to see them at the top now.

TNMA: What is next for you in your music journey?

OLAMZY: After dropping my First EP INCEPTION, I feel I should do a deluxe version cause the EP is doing great, then drop another project, then maybe chase a music deal either promotion/ distribution deal or record label deal in order to be on the main front in Africa music and become one of the greatest act from Africa and break more records anyone can ever imagine.

TNMA: It was nice talking with you Olamzy and we wish you the best in your career as you forge ahead.